1. Let’s continue doing everything we can to help protect those who are vulnerable and need it ♥️ My heart and my love goes out to anyone directly affected by what’s happening and I really hope we all continue to do our part by sticking to the advice and rules of each of our governments together. Love ya 💛

    • Natacha Océane
      Hey Natacha! I was wondering if you had any information/advise on alcohol and the effects on training/muscle growth/performance etc
      I haven’t heard much about it in any of your videos (which is definitely not a bad thing at all!)
      I am just curious on the effects and how damaging it is on your training etc as I do like a drink now and again yet I am very much into my training/nutrition so I am wondering how damaging it can be on a training day or if it’s best to avoid completely, rest days?
      Do you drink at all?

    • Have you ever considered doing a podcast? I love hearing you talk and I think you have a lot to say on so many different topics (could even include your funny moments with Mario).

  2. Natacha, I can’t thank you enough for your videos, especially right now. 1. You’re focused on health and fitness rather than looks. 2. Your workout videos are clear and concise without extra chatter that distracts and 3. the moves are natural and simple yet effective. Some at-home workouts I’ve tried before have been awkward and make my hips pop. 😂

    Thank you so much for what you do! ❤️

  3. Natacha: any movement is good

    My kpop gang (and my dancer gang!), doing you random play dance *properly* would burn calories as well! It’s counted as cardio hehehe…
    I did a lil experiment few days ago to check my heart rate while dancing, and for 50minutes, i burn +/- 450 calories! Max heart rate was 170, min heart rate was 120
    I finished feeling awesome, drop some good amounts of sweat, and my body dont stiff anymore for working on a desk all day!

  4. Thanks as always for your evidence based, informed approach to health and fitness. I would absolutely love to see some workouts from home for those with decreased mobility (such as severe knee injury). Stay safe and thanks again for all the fabulous content!

  5. Thank you for being so so real and honest about the current situation! SOOO many fitness girls have been pushing for fat loss, their programs, etc and you’re here reminding us that is is so okay to just deal and not achieve a “killer body” during these times. Thank you, Natacha for always inspiring me! Love you babe!!

  6. NATACHA! i can’t explain how thankful i am to have discovered your channel! your mentality & perspective around fitness is admirable. thank you for being you!!! <3

  7. Natacha, how does it matter whether we eat before or after the workout when it comes to muscle growth & fat burning, when eventually, at the end of the day, the total amount of taken calories is the same?

  8. 15:30 I was laughing out loud! You are so encouraging to watch, your personality is my favorite! Thank you for all of your advice and tips!

  9. I love her video. She makes you want to do better and be better. She don’t make you feel bad if you fail it’s okay.

    • Hey Katie ♥️♥️ their fitness stuff is great and so is some of their advice around food, but their 8 week challenge which puts women on 1,300 calories alongside regular exercise is a huge mistake and ignores such strong scientific literature on all the biochemical effects. Plus how is it supposed to maintain a healthy relationship with food? 😫😔 That one makes me so sad and it’s so disappointing when they’ve got so much else right.

  10. Start of with the snowflake… What an incredible tool to use in every day use for obstacles and challenges 💪☀️👏

  11. Watching your videos always gives me new motivations to change my routines and be a bit more experimental with the equipment one has at home. Thank you!

  12. I’m not sure if this has been answered in your videos before but with the intuitive eating what do you do with things like dinner parties or scheduled lunchtimes?

  13. As a biology major, I sooo appreciate how you back up all of your advice with peer reviewed articles!! Also your outlook on fitness during this time is so refreshing! 💗

  14. So, I have to say I’ve been loving working out from home more than I thought I would, so much so I’m thinking about cancelling my gym membership. Do you think however you can get enough resistance training from bands or are you really missing lifting weights?

  15. Thank you, you’re videos have helped me so much with self acceptance and training!! you are one of the only people I can watch on youtube who inspire me to be better and don’t make me feel bad about myself, you’re so passionate and I appreciate you for the hard work you put into ur content 🙂

  16. it makes lot of sense for me what you are saying about the diet , I tried a mini cut during last week, my body refused it. So I found a sweet spot with my calorie intake and a free day of eating.


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