1. Sounds like a lot of diets. Eating like a rabbit gets old fast. What does she do when her body craves a cinnamon roll with a rich, buttery cream cheese frosting?

  2. Love your vids!!😍 Just thought of it: did you ever try Olaplex Nr. 3? It really helped my hair, maybe itβ€˜s something for you? Itβ€˜s really expensive but it last a long time xx

  3. Omggg I’ve never met someone else who’s allergic to avocados!! What happens when you eat them? I get gastritis. It also burnt my skin when I tried to make a face and hair mask lol

  4. Hahaha so I’m not the only one who “tests” her allergies once in a while. For me, it’s gluten and soy. I love barbecue sauce and FYI… almost all of them contain soy sauce (even the ones that are wheat free) 😭 Also, BEER… am I right!?

  5. Her nutritionist’s name is pronounced “Lev-eck”, it’s my last name too people get it wrong all the time lol


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