1. Love this! I struggle with IBS and veggies and fruits trigger my bloating. I wanted to avoid medications but it was so bad that I’m glad I did but I will try your advice to wean myself from the meds and be healthier

  2. Thank you for sharing, perfect timing for me. I have been advised to try it for my digestive issues but always felt intimidated by the process. Have to just dive in and do it!

  3. Holy shit I thought bloating was normal, it has been a part of my day every day of my life and it never occurred to me it can be eliminated

  4. I’m on a low fodmap diet. Its changed my life around. I was so so sick for a long time. Had colonoscopies and endoscopies everything was clear. Swapped to a low fodmap diet and its helped me hugely. Although not always as I have fibromyalgia and hEDS so my gut plays up. But it definitely has helped

  5. I also bloat but only in lower belly…what is that and every time i eat food…i dont eat any wheat or milk products bc im intolerat to it…i rately eat sugar if ever…i dont eat chocolate or candy i dont drink any juices or sodas or if i do is very rare occasio …but i still bloat after a meal,even if its small meal even if its chicken and rice 🤔,protein shake…and i drink it gradualy not at once,and i eat food slow…so for the love of god i cant figure this out. I do have ibs(told by the doctor) bc they didnt figure anything out so they just let me home w this.

    What could it be,like stress but how does stress causes this bloating?

  6. Hi Abby! I started fodmap 3 years ago. I love how you touched on how long stage 2 can last. Due to my allergies I was in phase 2 for almost a year. I am so glad we experienced similar positive outcomes. It is truly a key piece of knowledge I will use the rest of my life. So thrilled running is feeling so good again.

  7. My doctor recommended this awhile ago. Having never heard of it, I felt a bit overwhelmed by it and ended up dropping it altogether. This video makes it seem more approachable.

    Thanks, Abby.

  8. I keep trying to stick with the low FODMAP diet but having sensitivity to even some low FODMAP foods, my food choices are even more limited so I end up eating things I’m “not allowed” to have. It would be great if you could show some of your favourite low FODMAP friendly meals <3

  9. This intrigued me so I started looking into, every website contradicts what another site says! One says eat apples, the other says don’t. One says eat asparagus, the other says don’t! Where did you find your information??

  10. This summer I finally started seeing a dietitian for help managing any lingering symptoms that continue even in remission, and to make sure I’m getting good nutrition because of malabsorption/partial bowel removal. She had me try out low-FODMAP and it has been amazing! My adherence does vary now, but I now have a better idea of what I can tolerate and how I can modify my diet when needed.

  11. I went to a functional medicine doctor and he suggested this and to incorporate eggs and fish. (I was vegan) and I did and wow! I figured out that beans bloated me sooo bad. And eggs and fish worked great for me. I am also aware of my tiggers foods now 2 years later. I have up gluten for a year and now can eat it fine. I will say I tried eating cheese after not eating it for five years and it must’ve triggered some thing because now I get bloated very very very often and was bloated the entire week last week. I’m afraid to go back to the doctor cause I really don’t want him to tell me to go back on this diet just because it’s a lot of work 😫

  12. I remember watching you for a bit a few years ago, and I was in a worse place with my relationship with food and ED. I had to stop following all fitness YouTubers, and I’ve found you again during quarantine. I love seeing the evolution of your videos, your attitude and knowledge. Thank you for all your great free content free of judgement. I love the supportive message at the end of this! It’s so easy to get sucked down a fitspo rabbit hole with social media so I’m really grateful to hear these reminders. 😊😊


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