1. Joe, there definitely is an end in sight, via vaccination. Probably not in 2020, but early in 2021 we should start to see them rolled out, and by summer we will be well on the way. There are already 9 candidates in final stage testing, and overall 300 vaccines in definitely.

    As a nation, as a world, we will get past this, it just takes a little more time. So please take comfort from this!

    In the meantime, stay safe, and if there is one simple thing you can do to protect yourself and more importantly others, it would be to wear a mask ANYTIME you are around other people not from your household. Everyone, please just get into the habit!

    I live in Hong Kong, where we have been universally wearing masks since February. You know now how many new cases we had yesterday? Two.

  2. My 18mths literally can’t get any worse.

    Actually….with the way things have gone lets have some more fun with it. So the wheels really do come off.

  3. I am in Melbourne Australia we have been in hard lockdown for months it is really tough. Please know that your exercising classes are the main reason i have got through this. You have helped a lot of people and you are not alone.🥰

  4. This is for you, Joe. I just watched this after catching up with two PE with Joe sessions. (Yes – I’m sweating!) I started way back in March with my two sons, missed the very first day, but did every live session since. ( I did go back and do day one!) It gave structure to the start of our day during Lockdown, and pushed me to improve my personal fitness this year. I turned 51 back in February, and, being an old school bmxer, I’ve got a few bits of me that don’t work that well – so you’ve really helped me personally this year. I’m now repeating the whole thing to keep myself going. Covid, and everything around it, the bad news, the twisted politics, it’s all hammering at our minds for attention. Yes – it can get you down – yes – it can get you angry – but we CAN deal with it.. I try to watch the very minimum of news, and I’m trying to limit my exposure to social media. In a time when everything seems toxic, physical activity IS a solution to keep us sane. I started bmxing three years before you were born – yes – it’s been that long! – and I still find the release that riding gives me helps clear my mind, and leaves me better equipped to deal with whatever might be troubling me. Personally, I’ve just been trying to follow my common sense for the past 7 months, and not get bogged down by all the madness of rules and restrictions and conflicting information. None of us know what the virus really is, what it really does, nor how it’s going to end. What we can do is take sensible steps to look after ourselves and our families and those around us, and try not to worry about the things that we cannot change. I’ve been riding my bike down my local skatepark more this year than the previous ten, and my mind and body are better for it. You keep doing what you do, Joe – you have no idea how many people you have helped during this madness. Don’t lose sight of that, take care of yourself and your family, and let the rest of the world sort itself out. You’re already doing enough. All the best, Gary Forsyth

  5. Thanks Joe that’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment just done your workout which has helped, thanks for sharing 🍁

  6. You speak for all of us Joe, thank you for sharing this. Keep on, Keeping on, You’ve achieved so much. You’re an inspiration x

  7. Thanks for sharing Joe. I’ve been a PE with Joe convert since March and your workouts, energy and sense of humour have kept me happy and fit through the dark days. I would encourage everyone to heed your great advice on opening up and staying active but just also want to thank you for all you’ve done for your followers over the past few months. You’ve made a real difference to millions of people and the country so thank you. Stay well, healthy and safe. All the best. Gary


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