1. do you have suggestions for pull up replacements without access to a pull up bar? The most i have is a suspension trainer hanging off a door mount. Thank you for all of your tips!

  2. I can do like 1 pull-up lol but i working hard to make it more. This video really helping me out. Thank you!

  3. Great video, that’s a hard wourkout. The first 2 reps are not that bad, but the 3rd one is always hard. I tried 4 sets with 3 reps and had to cheat a bit durning the final rep of the final set. I recently managed to do 100 pull-ups in under 20min, but this one is actually really hard.

  4. Absolute legend Daniel, keeping the motivation high for the quarantine calisthenics in UK! Stay safe mate.

  5. Regarding this. Hopefully you can answer please. DO you do other exercises for your back. Your programs state 3 times a week etc but if you were too add more there may be too much volume there.. do you feel pull-ups are all you need? What about rows etc.. ?


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