1. Do her and Stephen normally don’t live with each other? I’ve been following her for so long yet I’m not sure 😂 also I loved this vlog!!

  2. The pollen this year has been crazzy!! A lot of people I know who have never had allergies are experiencing them now for the first time. Try an anti-histamine, it works for me

  3. Random question: is there a reason you have three razors in your shower? Is there something I should be doing/missing out on? 😂

  4. Thanks for the vid!!! For allergies…try Quercetin! Its a natural antihistamine supplement! Its bomb!!😄👏

  5. Do a fiddle tree how to ! I just got a home and I plan on having a bunch but I’m needing advice ! Xoxo ❤️❤️

  6. Maybe checkout @satvicmovement videos here on YT. For your skin and other hormonal problems….they focus on natural healing over medications and it has worked for a lotta people including me! 🙂🙃

  7. Navy looks like he would be one of those people that starts clapping and trying to figure out who everyone’s clapping for when people are clapping for him🤣.

  8. I tried Tulah because of you… and it smells so good, and it feels so good in the moment… but after a couple of weeks I started breaking out…. and I never break out. This was before the covid thing though, so I can’t really blame the face mask thing.

  9. I love how you do your makeup! I can’t wait to try some of those products 😊☺️. Dogs eat grass when they have a stomach ache. It helps settle their stomach or to throw up lol.

  10. Okay but where is your jacket from and sandals from that you were wearing while building the outside furniture? They’re so stinkin’ cute 😍


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