1. What’s crazy is I was just going to purchase some apparel from Echt and was looking for your coupon code. Not anymore! Bigger and better things your way girl!

  2. The reason people wear these brands clothing is because of influencers and some celebrities. If it wasn’t for influencers wearing these brands we wouldn’t know them. Celebrities aren’t wearing these clothing as much unless the brand is having the celebrity endorse their clothing. My twin daughters birthday is August 9. My birthday is June 9. I needed this Corona to be over. Stay safe

  3. LOL I’m australian and I only spent $$$ on Echt because of you! And wow, Echt never getting my money again

  4. Never watched you until now so I would be speaking with an unbiased standpoint. I can see how they might see it as poorly represented as it is an athlethic company wouldn’t you be showing youself exercising or moving around. It is very easy to just change clothes, go the bathroom and snap a picture while living a sedentary lifestyle. I see where they are coming from about switching it up. You said not bashing them but you are an influencer and you know people would bash them after this so this is questionable…

  5. It’s messed up but also it doesn’t say from a lack of creative content, it’s says a lack of the content from the creative to accurately represent the brand.

  6. I had never even heard of Echt until you! I purchased $130 worth of clothes which ended up being the incorrect size and I tried multiple times to get ahold of them and they never got back to me! So all that clothes just sits in the closet unused. Horrible customer service and horrible company! You are so much better than them!

  7. Australians are also on lockdown so they clearly just didn’t want to pay shipping for your items etc they breached your contract though so you should try challenge it in a legal letter #boycottecht


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