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  2. I have been doing alternate-day fasting since June 2019 and I had to stop in late January because I wasn’t losing any weight despite fasting for 36+ hours. I found out that my weight loss started to stall when I stopped eating dairy and apparently yogurt and milk have a lot of iodine in them.

    I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism — hair loss, extremely dry skin(cracking heels, palm as dry as the dessert), no weight loss, fatigue, depression, mood problems, no motivation — and when I found out that these are symptoms of hypothyroidism, I did some research and figured I needed more iodine and selenium.

    I started eating kelp and brazil nut in proper amount and 2 weeks after that, I noticed that:

    My palms and feet were sweating again(and now they are no longer dry)

    I could jump out of my bed anytime.

    No more feeling “doom and gloom” for no reason.

    My hair stopped falling out in clumps.

    I’m starting to lose weight despite eating 3 meals a day(I had to stop my alternate-day fasting because I was so fatigued before)

    I could do push ups again.

    My motivation came back.

    No more fatigue.

    So, the biggest lesson I got from this is that the thyroid is very very very very important and if your thyroid is slow, you gotta take a step back and optimise your thyroid first.

    You’ll need iodine, selenium, zinc and in fact, there are a lot of thyroid blend supplements out there. Just look for a good one and you’ll be feeling better and lose weight easier.

    I am back doing my alternate-day fasting but with more caution. I make sure that I get enough iodine, zinc and selenium before I go on longer fasts.

  3. I am a classic example of how over dieting and over exercising and over fasting will lower metabolism. I was maybe 20lbs over weight in my thirties and began a long pattern of water fasting for 10 or more days regularly; plus exercised (a lot of cardio) and ate low calorie but not low carb; finally by my late 50s I could no longer starve off the extra weight, and was beginning to put on 5-6lbs a year until I was over sixty pounds overweight; that’s when I went low carb to lose the weight, and cut back on cardio. I do not lose weight easily despite being very disciplined. You can seriously lower your metabolism.Younger folks need to believe that starving yourself will slow your body’s metabolic rate. I’m a fan of fasting for healing, but it’s will slow down metabolism for most people. I’m a senior now and it is true your body slows down with age, despite my regular daily 2-3 mile walks and serious weight training 3x a week. A day or two of fasting is fine, sensible exercise, and eating a good very low carb diet is best.
    Edit: I was always a poor sleeper and finally took steps to have the best sleep environment:no lights, cool, quiet, blue light blockers, etc. Sleep is key to weight and mental clarity and feeling positive.

  4. So how do you increase metabolism after too long of a fast? Can you please do a video on that? Thank you so much

  5. Last year I did the snake diet and essentially did 1 meal a week for like 4 weeks since I was pretty overweight. Could this have permanently damaged my metabolism? I noticed it was harder to stay lean once I got to that point. But, I also was not tracking calories, just eating clean.

    • This is just my take but maybe while we fast, we use up our iodine stores in our thyroid glands? Since we can keep around 15-20mg of iodine in our body and our bodies need 150mcg of iodine just for the thyroid, 30mcg for the skin and I’m not entirely sure about the other organs but some organs have iodine receptors so, I’m guessing maybe more.

      If our metabolism depends on our thyroid, I imagine that it’s good to optimise our thyroid by eating more foods containing iodine, selenium and zinc when we’re not fasting. At least that will help restore the thyroid to its normal function and keeps the metabolism normal.

      Just my take though.

  6. Skeletal muscle is unnecessary? It makes no sense to weaken a starving body by consuming muscle and preserving fat. Any muscle loss associated with water fasting is water loss or disuse atrophy. Fat is there for a reason.

  7. Skipping dinner solves so many problems as fat cells r insulin resistant at night insulin sensitive at day so they easily store fat after sun set.


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