1. I didn’t know black pepper can harm the liver. I’ve been using lots of it everyday for years. Haven’t noticed any problems, but gonna stop. At the for a while.

  2. Hey Thomas can u make a video about the effect of water fasting for 10-14 days or more? I just want to know does it really give u any benefit or purely dangerous for your body. I used to done this but I can only last for 4 days n my sister can hold till 10 days but she really do look like living death. I hope u can make us see more clearer about this fasting.

  3. Big Tom, thank you again! By the way, PLEASE try this product, which I am NOT affiliated with, but I saw dramatic results from it and I think it may be superior to every non dairy protein (and possibly even that too). https://www.healthforcesuperfoods.com/green-protein-alchemy.html

  4. I read the study on ACV and lemon for AGE’s, I’ve been marinading my meat for the past couple weeks before I cook at a low temp.

    I will say though, I did read a study on AGE’s and oxysterols produced from microwave use. Turns out microwaves aren’t as safe as you thought. http://www.ovosbrasil.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2010-Arrazola_Oxysterols-A-world-to-explore_Espanha.pdf

  5. People doing keto should really know about a fish called cá basa. It’s fatty, delicious and cheap.

  6. I thought bioperine just increases the bioavailability, but eating turmeric with healthy fats increases absorption?

  7. DEFINITELY do more of these videos! Very nice to have these hacks in a concise format. I watch a lot of your videos, yet have somehow missed some of these hacks. Please do more! As always, thanks for your dedicated work, Thomas.

  8. Hello again you mentioned to cut the garlic in slices or crush it with a knife a thick knife and let it sit for 10 minutes then use it with turmeric in one of your videos So now I have a second option radishes

  9. Thomas you are amazing…and a health genius…you have changed my life..and yes the health hack bullet points are just my thing..I wish I could use Thrive but I live in South Africa..(.where the butchers keep the fat on the steak)


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