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  2. I think there’s a huge issue with calling time-restricted eating “intermittent fasting.” Time-restricted eating is not intermittent fasting unless it’s (wait for it) *_intermittent._* This means sometimes you do it and sometimes you don’t. There are even some people who say you should do time-restricted eating intermittently. Quite honestly, I haven’t found the formula. I only seem to lose weight if I fast longer than a day. I maintain okay on time-restricted eating (say, two meals over six hours.)

  3. I did alt day fasting and OMAD on my eating days. It basically turned into doing a 36 hour fast.

    I would fast from 12pm Monday to 12pm Wednesday then break the fast with a single meal, then continue fasting. I did really well with that, lost fat and didn’t lose much if any muscle mass.

  4. Both is best. Mixed up so your body doesn’t just do the same routine everyday..get extra benefits the longer you extend your fast..

  5. Sleep in fasted state is incomparably more productive than in fed state (and I don’t mean just fed, couple of hours before going to sleep); you sleep more soundly, rest better and I noticed that my dreams are more lucid and stimulating.

  6. I’ve done OMAD for 2 years. I think ADF is harder because you have this bouncing back she forth between days you’re fssting and days you’re eating “normal”. It also perpetuates the myth that 3 meals a day+snacks is normal. That makes fasting abnormal, right? Doing OMAD (with occasional longer fasts) is completely normal to me. Every day is the same. My body knows what to expect and is very comfortable. I think it’s the best – the longest fast you can do and follow the same eating pattern every day.


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