1. I have a multivitamin that has b vitamins and minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Should I take in the am with my coffee which has a serving of half and half or should I take later in the day with food. Fast broken around noon or 1

  2. I take L-Tyrosine. 30 minutes after taking it, I’d feel very motivated and positive. No longer anxious or negative. The other day I was dancing to some music when I haven’t dance in a loooong time due to the gloomy current plandemic. Good stuff, I highly recommend!

  3. Bought the nutritional yeast. It’s says nothing about B1 but has plenty of B6 and B12? Explain please- is thiamine B1? Nutritional yeast has lots of that

  4. You alone have driven up the value of unfortifed nutritional yeast my friend! I buy it in bulk now. I truly love consuming it too! Great advice, THANKS!

  5. Dr berg
    I’m searching for this vitamin B 1 But I cannot find it at all anywhere under 100 mg. I’ve looked at over 50 places brands I mean.
    Thank you
    General repair


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