1. Hi Dr Berg , need yr professional advise ,can A patient on a high pressure medecine (Exforge 5 mg/160mg/2.5 mg) ,stop medication by any mean , it was taken bfor a sudden high pressure 180/145 , four years ago , but was alwas in average of 135/95 ,age 69 ,sporting 3 times a week one hour ,perfect weight .
    Need yr professional advise

  2. Hi Thank you again for your invaluable teachings
    Please Dr Berg
    I am very concerned about the Quorn invasion !
    Apparently originating from the UK and distributed in 14 country.
    To me this is bad news and false information on how supposedly healthy product
    Please let us know your thoughts and perhaps make a video about it
    The world needs to know
    Personally I hope never to buy the stuff.

  3. I have all the symptoms and I am using this vitamin and I felt a slight improvement from the first time, but I am afraid because 3 months ago I used a 50,000 supplement for three months and I did not feel any better knowing that period my aunt was poor and my level of stress was high so my stomach was always bothering me and diarrhea I think this The reason caused me malabsorption, but now I took the vitamin and felt better and afraid that an increase would occur. Very afraid sometimes I attach this

  4. Can you state exactly which “Ulcer medicines” block Vitamin D absorption? I’ve been taking a PPI for 19 years and my Vitamin D levels are critically low. Thanks


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