1. When a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes & if that persons a1c or glucose tests show less in future after Gud diet & exercise …. Why doesn’t the doc change the term diabetic from that persons medical record ?
    Plz share your thoughts ..

  2. Dr. Berg.. plz drop a line of encouragement here.
    My doc diagnosed me with a1c 6.7 sep 15 th & I’m a diabetic she said.. & suggested metformin.
    😢I don’t want go take medicine & I’m doing my best with walking, ACV , more veggies ,MCT oil , multi & fish oil .
    But most importantly 24 hr fasting.
    My doc says it’s irreversible & only can be controlled.
    Plz tell Me I have hope in reversing this diabetes..with all the efforts I’m putting..
    That’s all..
    It means a lot from me to hear that from a person like U..
    Thank you so much…😢

    • @sam al.saqaf
      Hi there! You might want to watch this video for reference

      How Long Do I Have to Do Keto and Intermittent Fasting?
      —> https://youtu.be/zLB9SaE5xMM

  3. Doctor, my daughter is seven years old and has symptoms of withdrawal resistance and has a spot on her body. Does applying the keto diet on her do it suit her and how do I apply it to her?


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