1. I think it’s a flawed study. You have to take in the consideration that the diet and lifestyle of the average North American in the 1800’s (when this phrase popped up) is not even remotely similar to ours now. As well, apple orchards back then weren’t: sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, as well as they were not (obviously) GMO. Apples are some of the most heavily sprayed produce in the world. I’ve read studies that such apples have LESS anti-oxidants than compared to organic ones. 👎🏻

  2. Use of any statins was associated with a 40 percent reduction in ovarian cancer mortality compared with patients who never used statins. Lipophilic statins specifically were associated with a 43 percent reduction in ovarian cancer mortality.

  3. one apple a day keeps satin away
    one apple a day keeps demons at bay
    one bushel of apples keeps demons at bay

    I was kicking my bed (its on the floor) to move it a little…
    I messed up my muscle

  4. this site has (frequently) outdated, lazy, uninformed, biased and simply misleading info, as others have noted. vitamin d is a prime example.


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