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    • I just wanted to let you know that I think it was very poor judgement on your part to associate yourself with Chris Wark of Chris beat cancer. Take a look at one of your fellow physicians had to say about him and his “story” and the pure anti-reality BS he’s selling to the gullible and ignorant! https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/chris-beat-cancer/

    • “thesis proved that hookworm, in small numbers, seemed able to regulate inflammatory immune responses in their hosts.”


    • “the ability of helminths to dampen pathology in established inflammatory diseases implies that they can have therapeutic effects…”


    • @Joe Shmoe if I’m not mistaken you’re supposed to prepare them in a specific way or just add mustard powder after cooking or eat with raw cruciferous greens,

  2. I’d better stop eating broccoli then? 😂 Thanks doc but I like my brain the way it is #actuallyautistic
    I’ve been following you for years and now it’s all thrown into doubt. This is really offensive.

    • not every autistic person likes their brain tho… if there was a safe cure for autism i would immediately want to try it.

      don’t worry about the broccoli, it only “works” if you cut it in very little pieces and let the glucoraphanine and the myrosinase react over night, and if you eat decent amounts every day. in the video he said that the effect stops as soon as you stop consuming sulphoraphane, so…

  3. I worked in a clinic as a therapist. Needless to say the diets of the children weren’t the best. I always wondered how the children’s behaviors would be had their parents sent them with a balanced diet.

  4. More vaccines and aluminium in the bloodstream seems to be the brain health plan post corona. Better diagnosis they say.

  5. This plan-demic was caused by the government for forced vaccinations!
    They along with their cia run media are proffesional liars, Can’t you see that?

    • @Demonmixer sure, I know I can’t be cured, I don’t feel the need to be cured. But for example, sensory overload is real and it sucks. If broccoli could help with that, great. I know why you make the comparison, but being left handed or gay doesnt impair function nowadays, at least not where I live. Asd does. Less then a third of adults with asd have a paid job in my country. A country with great, free, lifelong healthcare. People with autism are more prone to depression, eating disorders, burn out and so much more.
      I am sensitive to sound and wear earplugs sometimes. I am sensitive to light so I wear sunglasses when I go out. No point in asking to sun to shine a little less. The same applies to society; society cannot adapt fully to everyones needs, as people are all different. If you puy 100 people in a room and set the temperature to 21 degrees celsius, most may be happy, others are too hot, others are too cold. You CANNOT adapt the world to everyones needs.

    • @LoVaKo Yeah, there is that. Unfortunately, this is the downside to being autistic; the sensitivity to everything and having to avoid being overwhelmed. Still, I hope you’re OK and keeping safe in the current situation the world’s in. BTW, I’ve a few videos on my channel I did with stimming in mind. Feel free to have a nose at them and download if you like.

  6. I have autism Asperger’s syndrome and loved the videos about Caesin and wheat proteins and opiod like peptides exacerbating autism and by eating broccoli collards and cauliflower for breakfast for source of sulphurophane and I have low antioxidant response and love sulphurophane rich foods I’ve never felt better I get stressed so easily to sensations being over stimulated from Boise and sound. Love cruciferous vegetables restoring metabolic balance and double the growth of mitochondria in petri dish studies. N-f kappa beta causing inflammation and broccoli fights this too love it

  7. I have autism and eat lots of brocolli but it probably would need to be in concertrated form. I have tried over 50 things and if only it were that simple to eat just one food.

  8. Whilst I’m sure broccoli does have a significant effect, I think it’s harmful to frame it as a treatment for autism, which is not an illness. It’s an entirely different neurotype that needs to be understood, not cured or treated. Instead of ‘treating” autism, we should focus on making our society a better place for autistic people by raising awareness. Please talk to autistic people about their thoughts on things like this before you make videos about them!!


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