1. I lost 72lbs since mid January of this year. Never liked going to the gym/ workout but just doing 20 HIIT work outs and going for walks is all you need. Been lifting weights just for body shape and I’m starting to get into deadlifts which I really like.

  2. Dr. Berg what can I do when my body just wont let me fast? I have been blood tested until plandemic on regular basis every 3 months to check for changes, including diabetes. I’m desperate to lose weight, but more than anything I want to fast for my Christian Faith. Please help me so that I can do these things without fear of collapse, or any other health issue. Btw, I live alone so it’s crucial I do what’s safest for me. Thank you!

  3. It seems that some people are able to push that number closer to 3/4 of a pound a day when they are significantly overweight….

  4. My husband and I really appreciate the video. We don’t do keto, but we do the 20 hour fast. We have been doing it for 9 months, and worked our way up to 20 hours (sometimes more). My husband lost 30lbs and is no longer on blood pressure meds. I have lost 65lbs and feel better then ever. It’s hard sometimes, but we both feel much better. We will probably feel even better if we did full keto (we are just doing low carbs). We just got some bile salt and hope that helps our digestion. Keep posting videos though because they help a lot!


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