1. Simply eliminate foods that cause you inflammation, usually those are grains and seed oils but for me it would also be fruits, veggies, histamines..

  2. I used to get sunburned every summer, I assumed that my skin was too sensitive to sunlight, and ended avoiding it. However last year everything changed, after 18 month in ketosis with IF and doing prolongued fasts each month, eating healtly fats, D3+K2 supplments (among others) and taking cold showers. I have been doing long walks without T-shirt, even in central day hours… and got no single sunburn for first time in my life! And my new tan makes me look great.

  3. Never got sun burn after intermittent fasting. Also I build up in the spring and go outside without my shirt. My neighbors have all seen my nipples.

  4. It is impossible to get sunburn when you are exposing your skin to the sun daily during whole year. The problem is when you start exposing MORE of your skin via sunbathing only at certain times of the year. Basically, take off your shirt when it starts being warmer and not during the peak in the summer, and you will avoid sunburn.

    • That’s pretty interesting. Last autumn and winter, I took every opportunity to walk an hour or two in the sun with my shirt off, to maximize my vitamin D and nitric oxide. As it got warmer and sunnier (not a big problem here in Colorado) I spent more time in the sun and avoided the midday sun. Didn’t burn at all. Of course, in the context of COVID, all that sun exposure was highly valuable.

  5. Stop putting chemicals from soap on your skin and stop eating salt. Eat more fruits, stay hydrated, don’t put sunglasses because your body wont know it’s day time and look at good omega 3 to incorporate in your diet with astaxanthine supplement.

  6. If you already got burned, take aspirin and vitamin E every 4-6 hours. Aspirin and Vit E synergize to rapidly reduce the inflammation to zero very fast.

  7. Even IF you get skin cancer, the benefit of the sun could outweigh it. The best thing to do is avoid the midday sun. Avoid the seed oils.


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