1. Hi mom your lock down special noodles is a dhamaka in our family,we enjoyed a lot,lot of appreciation which actually belongs to u,its tasty and thank you so much for such a healthy receipe,love you,lots of love from chennai

  2. Please give recipes in written form also
    Otherwise we have to watch the video all over again
    Great recipe though ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Hello madam. Please share a homemade bone broth recipe if you have one. I found a lot of instant pot/crockpot recipes but not recipes that we can make with cookware readily available in India. Love your videos.

  4. Thanks mdm for this wonderful receipe. I followed the measurement of ingredients mentioned in video but only thing is i baked using cooker. But cakr turned out to be very dry and it broke in to pieces. May i know what might have gone wrong???

  5. Hello Mrs. Nisa, my daughter, tried out your cake today and we all relished the treat. Thanks to you, her first ever try at baking boosted her confidence. We modified it a bit as per her liking but it was all for the best! Thanks once again.๐Ÿ‘

  6. Baked the cake this morning…I must say it came out soooo good. It’s soooper delicious….we all luved it….thank you so much. I would recommend everyone to try it out. Note: I used the same amount of jaggery instead of coconut sugar as I did not have it in my pantry

  7. Hi Nisha I’m your fan but you didn’t upload ramadan deit plan. Please can make a video and it pcos friendly too

  8. Is there any possibility to bake cake with out soda and baking powder also bread with out yeast soda, and baking powder plz reply

  9. Is it possible to find a workaround without having artificial chemicals like vennila essence, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, baking powder? I feel it’s truly healthy only when we avoid all that is not natural and which is chemical. The products you have listed are as natural as possible but still curious to know.

  10. Hello Ma’am,
    Thank You So Much For The Vegan Cake…. On My Husband’s Birthday… My Son Baked this Vegan Cake …. & It turned out Awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Nisha thanks for the wonderful reรงipe, however can i cook this in gas i do not have oven. Please lemme know. Rgds

  12. Hi! This recipe is just what I need. I had to ask that if I have less coconut oil, can I use homemade cow ghee along with the oil? And yes your channel has so many healthy and tasty recipes! Thankyou so much for these recipes plus for the information you give!

  13. Hello mam
    Very nice recipe
    Can u pls help me if I donโ€™t have cocoa powder
    Can I use any chocolate like bournville or dard chocolate slab instead of cocoa powder
    If yes then kindly let me know the quantity


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