1. Can u plz make a video of keto meal plan,water intake,workouts during the month of Ramadan.As v eat n drink before sunrise. n after sunset.I live in Europe.

  2. Hey Thomas! Question for yah…I recently had a basic allergy test done at my clinic, and on my results it said my immunoglobulin E was a total of 71. Could you tell me more if that’s good/bad or high/low? I’m a pretty active healthy person, that works out 3-4 times a week, and keep my sugar levels fairy low. Thanks in advance man!

  3. Thomas, I had a question about ACV, I can not stand the taste and find it hard to swallow so I followed this lady’s recipe on an ACV smoothie that contains only ACV, watermelon, and grapefruit. We all know grapefruit is awesome for our metabolism but should I be concerned with spiking my insulin with the sugar from the fruit first thing in the morning? Love your videos btw!

  4. I’m taking immunology right now, and, as a student, I feel that you did a great job explaining the importance of our gut immune cells. They are constantly keeping weeds off our microbiotic garden. When weeds start to take over, our WHOLE immune system gets compromised.

  5. so how does one maintain a healthy biome when you have to take medication because of a disorder or disease eg. heart disease, high blood pressure,lupus etc.. Not to mention the fact that the very medication one takes destroys the biome while supposedly helping the underlying problem!

  6. I really appreciate how you are addressing the coronavirus situation without directly. Waiting till there is more information is smart on your part!


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