1. Honestly this is the perfect advice, i feel the same way. I’ve just started my weight loss journey as well and it has been more effortless than previous times cause i’m not so rigid. Haven’t even weighed myself. Oh and i have even fallen inlove with exercise watching how it has transformed my body. Added bonus i can redirect my energy and tension into working out and stress reduction lol

  2. Do not eat stuff with added sugar any more and you’ll loose weight automatically.

    And I really agree in regards to that walking points.

  3. I stopped weighing myself everyday and shaming for bit of chocolate i had and it worked, enjoy the process ladies and everything will be even more better! Confidence will not come from loosing weight its about self respect. Thank you Liezl❤️

  4. ”Just try to look like you”. You are so inspirational! These tips are really helpful… I have had routines impossible to mantain and now I’m seeing results doing a half but being less anxious and happier. Thank you!


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