1. I’ve been doing keto and IF for 2 mos now, lost a lot of weight and waist line shrunk as well. But I also been having some neck pains on both sides. I have been eating a lot of good fatty oils like salmon, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds on my salads daily. I’ve also done one meal a day for 4 consecutive days. According to this video, omega 6 can be the cause of my neck pains, should I completely remove the fish, nuts and seeds? Or what would be the best approach to this?

  2. Unless you just have fibromyalgia and several specialists ran you through all kinds of tests looking for these kinds of explanations for years before they were willing to give you a diagnosis.

  3. My diet is 100% keto clean and I suffer twice per week with neck pain and I truly believe it was from my digestion. This video is perfect timing. Will try the bile salts. How many is suffice? Thank you.

  4. Yes yes yes! Since childhood, every time I consume anything with artificial sugar (corn syrup) my left shoulder has had debilitating pain.


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