1. Dr berg thank you
    My wife is taking hyper thyroid 50 mg medicine for 4 years and also she, has low blood pressure ,feels so weak and temper high so does it play the key role to cure it?
    Where can I get in Macau China?

  2. Hi doc, I’m still worried of the high iodine content of sea kelp. It’s too high. This is the only thing that stops me from getting your cruciferous supplement.

  3. Well, I took Lugol years ago on a daily basis. I went to the doctor and my TSH was high to a point that the doctor said I had a thyroid problem. Changed the doctor and the other one said the high TSH was due to the iodine I was taking and told me to stop it. My question is: if I take Sea Kelp will I have this effect on TSH levels in order to get the doctor to think I have a thyroid problem? I like the other effects shown by the Doctor Berg, but I’m afraid of this TSH confusion. If Dr. berg could answer or make a video about it…thanks, anyway!

    • I’m not Dr. Berg, but I had to deal with the same problem earlier this year. Lugol consists of potassium triiodide, non-organic iodine, and I took another kind of pills with the same non-organic kind of iodine. I consulted with another doctor, and she prescribed me organic kelp with Levothyroxine (to decrease the TSH level a little faster; I’ve taken it since May and until August). She adviced me Country Life Kelp, but only Nature’s Way was available at the moment, so I took it and didn’t regret actually. But Country Life seems more safe as it has less iodine, and we don’t want to overdose again πŸ˜‰ Later we had to cancel kelp as well, because my TSH level was so low and T4 was so high, as they’ve never been before in my life. Now I consider taking kelp twice a year in monthly courses. Besides, we eliminated the iron and ferritin problems, which definetely had its impact on my thyroid as well. But I would strongly recommend you to find a good doctor or monitor your TSH and T4 twice a month while you take kelp. Otherwise you might have cardiovascular issues like hypertension. I overdosed a bit and got tachycardia and hypertension for several days, but now it’s all good.


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