1. 1st medical check since adopting plant based diet inspired by “How not to die”- my doctor thought there was a mistake in the pathology lab. He insisted the improvements were too good to be true and too great to be in response to changed diet. My aching joints have improved so much I’m back on the dirt bike for long rough rides. Stopped all my regular medications, and this is the first time Dr has not told me to lose weight, exercise more and consider cholesterol control. He said just keep doing whatever I’m doing- but cut out the dangerous motorcycle mischief. I don’t follow recipes but use them for ideas, substituting ingredients I have, adding leftovers but incorporating his ideas and recommended food types. To those complaining about the number of ingredients and preparation time in his recipies I suggest that approach. Works for me!

  2. Dr. G, I just discovered you tonight!!! I’m totally getting your books!!! I was a vegetarian when I lived on my own before – yes it was much easier to keep a proper weight being a vegetarian! The only thing was I became anemic. I’m looking forward to your books n cook books!

    How do you survive with all your proceeds donated to charity??? May God, buddhas n all higher beings bless you n your family!!!

  3. Nice. But I recently got the previous cookbook (how not to die), and many recipies are quite time consuming… Is tgis one a bit simpler?

  4. Already preordered yesterday when the email came 😂💚 Will be my first english cookbook, the “Die” is in my native language but i am unwilling to wait for this one to be translated in German 😁

  5. Bem interessante o video! Continue postando os viideos! Te desejo toda sorte com o canal!
    Obs.: Não quero te encomodar, mas se tiver um tempo para ir em meu canal e me dar um feedback sobre meus vídeos, agradeço demais!
    Um abraço! 🙏🏼

  6. This is 100% what I was hoping going to happen. I’m so excited!! Thank yoooooou for making the cookbook to go along with it!!


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