1. ✳️Want to Boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM? Watch These: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE8KvEv74FLfPJ2dv_yulWDbQnUMV3j5o

  2. Question: If your bone density tests results are really good, does that probably mean you are getting ample amounts of Vit. D?

  3. My Vitamin D level was down in the mid-20s a few years ago. I been doing keto and taking vitamin D3 and raised it to the low 60s. It took about a year to raise it to that level. I switched to a D3/K2 supplement and haven’t had it tested since the change.

  4. My doctor says Medicare wont pay for vitamin D testing. Im low income senior and cant afford to pay for the test. I take D3 daily. How do I know if Im taking too much?

  5. I take K2 & D3 daily. I know I have been around people who have Covid 19 so far so good. Wondering when they are going to start testing the population for antibodies to this virus do they can try to correlate why some get sick and others remain symptom free . Guess there is no money to be made in natural herd immunity!!!

  6. When I started school I was living in Malta and every day the kids lined up for a teaspoon of cod liver oil, of course when we came to Australia they did no such thing. What they did do is give us a small bottle of Milk. Maybe the Maltese people know something the rest of the world does not. I was only 5 but I remember that cause did not like the taste and made me burp, and it smelled funny, fishy. lol


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