1. With me i just focus on eating low fat and i stay lean all year round even if i dont sleep well or exercise. Almost everybody was skinny in the 90s when they used to eat low fat. Now everybody eats lots of fat and we have an obesity epidemic. They fry almost everything and almost all processed carbs contain hidden fats and thats why people feel tired after eating them because of the fats. When i was on keto i couldn’t eat one carb because i would gain like 10 pounds. Im glad i went against the low carb diet and carbs are bad dogma of today

  2. I actually got incredible muscle mass gain, I expected to lose a lot of weight and maybe some muscle as well but to my suprise – my BF went down and my muscle mass went up.
    Intermittent fasting 16-8. Fasted resistance training in the AM.

  3. DEFLATED BOOBS😄…Double D cup to a A cup in 1 and a half months 💖Plus a flat belly doing 23.1 💖💖💖


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