1. I threw the damn scales away!!…I measure waist with string knotted…don’t even measure the inches…everything is relative…I’ll know when I look great in the mirror!

  2. In my experience intermittent fasting (w/ low low refined carbohydrates) changes hormones in the body resulting in fat (weight) loss. If I didn’t get the hormones in better control any weight loss would be transient. Changes in hormones takes time. IMO

  3. Thanks a lot! I do IM for month and gain 2 kg. I have hashimoto and feel good with IM but I want to loos weight. Can you give an advice? Geetings from Germany

  4. I never knew that! That was really good explained. I’m on my second week first week didn’t lose anything on the scale was so disappointed but did see difference in my stomach and face area. So I guess I lost some fat😉👍

  5. I needed this video. I had to start Omad for results. The scale would not move. However, I have dropped a pants size. So IF is working.

  6. Fledge just to let you know I was in excruciating arthritis hip pain. Started fasting 2 weeks ago seriously fasting 20/4 OMAD and I’ve done fasting before I know it works and I lost and was happy. Life happened went back to old habits. In just 2 weeks I kid you not I feel amazing, clarity, eyesight, inflammation gone no hip pain, gone. I learned and made a decision I like this great feeling better than the pain. Pray for me as I continue my journey.

  7. I’ve actually been getting fatter since I started, and it’s been over a month. Not sure if it’s actually fat – it probably isn’t – but my gut has gotten bigger and my medium shirts are tight around my belly. I’ll keep at it another couple of months. I started 16:8, but I’m at an 18:6 minimum now.

    I will say this: I love it that all the food from the day before is gone when I start eating again. And know my digestion is grateful for the break.

  8. I started with 16:8 and slowly closed that eating window so now I am doing omad. I feel good and my clothing is getting baggy. I won’t weigh or measure myself as it always discourages me. This is all a head game so I just stick to the plan and keep going because consistency is key. Thanks for all of the information.


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