1. This happened to me.. specially late at night and sometimes woke me up… Good to know that potassium is the answer.. and drinking more water too right..? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Been on keto and 16/8 fasting for three months and I ride my peloton daily. I had my full thyroid removed 12 days ago due to large substernal benign goiter and am now on synthroid. I feel great and even returned to my workouts on day 9 and have remained in ketosis. My blood pressure is very low… like lightheaded when I stand low. I’ve measured 99/68 to 106/78. Could iron be a problem on keto?

  3. This video came at the perfect time. I’ve been eating Gundry’s diet which is similar to keto. I noticed that my chest would feel tight like my arteries were constricting (just a description) and having a hard time breathing at times. I was tired too sometimes.

    Well after watching this video, I researched potassium symptoms and it fit. So I went to the store and bought a large coconut water and drank it immediately. I felt immediate relief from the tightness. I will just focus on eating potassium rich foods from now on while eating keto/healthy.

  4. What is the best diet if you have a fatty liver and kidney stones? I was intermittent fasting for fatty liver but not sure if it’s good if I have kidney stones.


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