1. Your videos are perfect. Gorgeous camera work, amazing recipes, beautiful voice over and I just love the reviews at the end with your husband! Perfection!

  2. Ok so I just made recipe number 1.

    I don’t have cashews nor do I have a food processor so instead I used 2 cups of peanut butter.

    As for the chocolate topping it did not come out to be so LIQUID and was more like a ganache. Not sure why, maybe because my liquid sweetener was sugar free maple syrup? Anyway not complaining that it came out that way.

    I used a 7″x7″ pan and cut into 13 pieces and the brownies come up to just lower than 1inch high. I had put it in the fridge for the ganache to firm up.

    1. To mix it with the peanut butter proved to be kind of tough haha. Even though I had microwaved the peanut butter. But overall doable.
    2. It tastes like a chocolate peanut butter brownie which I am ok with. But if you guys don’t want the nutty taste maybe use cashews or a neutral nut butter like sunflower butter.
    3. As I said my chocolate topping came out like a ganache so it did not harden so I did not feel like there were two separate textures in every bite.
    4. These were very hearty and tasty, and it really satisfied my chocolate craving. Just one brownie was enough. Compared to if I were to eat chocolate covered almonds out of a jar….I could eat 10 of those and only then feel satisfied. But this one… just one and I am in nutty dark chocolate heaven.
    5. This gets on your fingers since it is not baked and is a bunch of ingredients pressed together. Not complaining… just like the fingers.
    6. This will definitely be a staple.

    The other recipe I have tried is the avocado mousse. So damn good but I don’t always have avocado on hand so it is not a staple.

    By the way this does take up a lot of resources/ ingredients. In terms of volume. Cups and cups of ingredients. So best to make it last in the fridge.

  3. I love that you don’t just copy other food bloggers/YouTubers! Those videos are entertaining, but yours are both fun to watch and unique. Brownies are life, so I’m just going wild for this one!! 😋

  4. That looks like a really good food processor. What brand is it? I’m looking for something better than my Cuisinart, that is available in the U.S. I have a high speed blender but the pitcher is very large/tall and the mixtures like the ones shown in these lovely brownie recipes tend to get stuck on the bottom and it’s hard to get it all out. Any superior high-quality food processor recommendations would be most appreciated. Love your recipes and your channel!

  5. I really like this video. The music made it so relaxing to watch. Your recipes look great and your instructions are really easy to follow. Your husbands reviews are helpful too. Great job. 😊

  6. U make a lovely pair! Love your video and review of the brownies. I think I am going to make the third baked brownies


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