1. Excellent information & videos! I’ve been subscribed for some time now. And never disappointed.
    Dr. Berg, you put so many doctors to shame! You are the best! Absolutely the best!
    God Bless you and yours and stay healthy!
    Not going on Dr. Oz’s show was a blessing for you, believe me; a divine intervention. Sometimes we don’t recognize these interventions right away – and then all of a sudden there it is – we get a new perspective.
    I wouldn’t have seen it because I don’t follow him for many, many reasons.
    Thank you Dr. Berg

  2. Coffee enemas will clear the toxins in your body to help your liver function properly and regulate your gut. Gets rid of parasites as well.

  3. I think auto immunes are viruses and that is why eating anti inflammatory helps symptoms. Some viruses never leave the body 🙁

  4. You helped me correct an issue I’ve been facing for 3 years. Doctors couldn’t help and neither could my gyno. Intermittent fasting helped me balance my body out. Now things are back to normal down there.

  5. Doctor im an avid viewer of your videos, one question that I have and a lot of other viewers might have is ‘ Does probiotics and Prebiotics help with improving the gut biome and are there any side-effects’ Thank you sir.

  6. All people used antibiotics during they life/ i use antibiotis just right now. What can i do to my microbiom ? I dont understand .

  7. I’m so glad you did this video! I’ve been having gut problems all my life and I also have myasthenia gravis. I always knew there was a link between the two because I feel my best when my gut is good. But having a good gut day is rare for me.

  8. In under 6 minutes your information gives hope for practical steps and better understanding of how to help our immune system to stay strong…. Thanks again😁


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