1. Lovely to see you in the new place, home you all settle in fast. Love you sweet. Honestly think your a diamond. We would get along as friends I think x

  2. Her breathing sounds like “hungry fat chick.”

    Chantal: take a look at “hungry fat chick” because if you keep it up you will be a SPLITTING image of her.

    Turn your life around now. Start small: go on walks, less food on your plate, eat 5 SMALL meals during the day (graze), no soda and more water, when you’re ready start lifting weights… best of luck!

  3. super random compliment here- i don’t know what it is about you but i just love your personality so much! you seem so naturally friendly & likeable & i honestly wish i had a friend like you. I can tell you aren’t self absorbed (more like self obsessed) like so many other mukbangers/youtubers right now.You’re also so beautiful like what?! i really don’t know why you have any “haters” but i guess every youtuber has a few. Anyways, i hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

  4. Yum! I want to try Indian food soo bad but I dont even know what I would get😅😅 everything looks so good

  5. I believe that’s raita sauce which is basically yoghurt with spices. It’s good if you have a really spicy meal, kinda cleans your palette. 🙂

  6. Theres a really weird loud background breathing sound. It’s like two people are there breathing hard but it sounds like it’s coming from different areas like behind the camera someone is panting. It’s really annoying to listen to is it a setting you have on the camera?

  7. I would like to recommend to you to try from Indian Restaurant (Butter Chicken Masala with a Briyani rice)100% sure you going to like it

  8. The essential way of eating Indian food.
    1. Start off with a starter like a samosa or pakora.
    2. Have the flat bread (roti, chapati, naan, puri, paratha, kulcha, bhatura) with some of the side dishes, either vegetarian or non vegetarian. You tear the bread and scoop out the curry aka sauce/gravy. The warmer the bread the more the flavors.
    3. Have the rice with the lentils or curry. The biryani rice is had with a yoghurt sauce called raita and/or a meat curry called a salan.
    4. Finish off with a sweet desert either gulab jamun, kheer, payasam etc

    Even though all the ingrediants look like a perfect recipe for a burrito, but that is never done.

    Next try out the Murgh (chicken) Musallam.


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