1. 🦋Tiffany!!!🦋
    Ohhhh, you are so sexy! I like it!
    Adore your sexy-style!
    Super! Keep it up!!!👍
    (Hot hips, tight ass, and beautiful eyes! Tiffany… you’re super sexy!!!!🤘👍)

  2. Hi Tiffany. did i this but im sure you would you would be sanding over me wthi the thigh exercises cus there not my favourites but it was good thank you.

  3. i did the complete workout…I commend you on maintaining your smile even through you are tired. Have a great day

  4. Please tell me what you use on your skin .. omg you look so hydrated and beautiful .. I can’t Even tell your tired !!! Thank you

  5. What time do you do live daily class.. I work sometimes till 2 am .. so I’m not up early .. but the days I don’t work the night before I can try to catch you … I would love it !!!

  6. OMG it was so good, that stretch the last one, was new for me
    …all what my body need, back , neck, legs..so good, thank you so much!!!!!


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