1. Muscles weigh more than fat… So why does everyone want to lose weight? Ok, I understand it if you’re overweight, but Cassey is already slim, I would guess when she works out, she would gain weight, or stay more or less the same because she does a lot of cardio, too… The weight is just a number. I dunno why everybody is so obsessed with that number! I work out to get stronger, fitter and in a better shape, neither do I know how much I weigh nor do I care.

    • @Juliane Herin  @Juliane Herin  I didn’t say there is anything wrong with wanting to get in a better shape, like I said I want that, too! I think it’s GREAT to work out! But if you’re not overweight, working out and getting fitter doesn’t necessarily mean you lose weight. That’s what I meant. When I started doing more sports, I gained weight. “Being in a good shape” has nothing to do with weight, so I don’t know why people even care about it. Everyone can do what they want, that’s just how I feel about it. I don’t want to judge anyone, as long as they’re healthy and still have fun working out…

    • @Eva the flower Oh no no I never said you did ! Actually even if you are not overweight you can lose weight (if you want to of course) : the diet and the workout will simply be different. But it does require a lot of information about the topic and your own self. I do agree that “being in good shape” has nothing to do with weight, but I also feel that nowadays this doesn’t mean anything since everybody has its own definition, don’t you think ? Maybe people are obsessed with the scale because they think it’s an indicator of “how healthy you are” – which is obviously wrong – but it also takes time to educate yourself about diet in general, workouts and understanding your own body. Again don’t get me wrong : I don’t want you to feel attacked or anything, I just thought your POV was interesting 🙂

  2. Women also have testosterone and men also have estrogen. Estrogen is just known as the female hormone and testosterone as the female hormone. But when u see women have more muscle mass than others, they can have more testosterone than the average women, or they just work out more/ everyones body is different. I wish she would have mentioned that. If your hormones are unbalanced, meaning u have more estrogen as a women or vice versa you could always ask your doctors for blood work. I’m not a doctor I just do my research.

  3. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Been feeling bummed out ’cause I haven’t been getting the results that I wanted despite working out pretty much all throughout quarantine. Thank you for this!! 😍🥰

  4. I wish more people watched this. I feel like men have such an expectation for women to look a certain way when they have it so easy 🙁 I have put this expectation on myself and it’s hard to get out of thinking this way.

  5. Literally on a weight loss journey with my bf right now. He’s lost at least 12 pounds over the past 2 months, and my weight’s been pretty much the same. We’re both at that stage where we just want to get rid of the “stubborn fat”. I did Chloe Ting challenges and have modified my diet a couple of months before he even started the journey with me, and i started intermittent fasting too! This video made me feel a lot better about myself in general, because i’ve been feeling guilty about not losing as much as he has :p

  6. My boyfriend and I have been doing Blogilates together 4-6 days a week for the last sixth months. It’s been really interesting to watch both our bodies change, and we have made similar progress, I think in part because I eat healthier than he does haha. I love doing Pilates together because even though he can do 40 push ups in one sitting and I can barely do one, I do better on weightless arms exercises because I carry less weight on my upper body than he does :)))

  7. Breaking the emotional eating cycle changed my life.
    Bad day: Dessert
    Reward for a stressful task: Dessert
    Out with friends: Dessert
    Long day: Dessert
    Aunt Flo: All the Dessert
    Reward for working out: Dessert
    You get the point. It was getting out of hand.
    💜 Treats should be saved for birthdays or special occasions not a every day or twice a day thing.

  8. Having a harder time losing weight/shedding fat tissue would not be a problem, had we not marked thinness as a requirement for health and fitness.

  9. My boyfriend started seriously working out 4 months ago and recently he has lost a lot of weight and has gotten pretty lean. Not shredded just lean. I on the other hand have been working out for 1 1/2 years pretty consistently except I took about a month off due to covid and surgery, and I feel there is zero results compared to him. He lost so much fat and you can see his physique has improved unlike mine my back has gotten a little bigger but I still have that fat waist line area and I was also eating better.

  10. My boyfriend is the same way, he eats wathever he wants than burn all out playing football 🤣 but since I started spend more time with him it’s been easier to lose weight for me too, I believe it’s because he is relaxed and don’t think about that and I started to not think too, do my stuff and not worry, so I put on less pressure on myself and the results come

  11. Dear Cassey,

    My boyfriend and I live together and while we’re both really focused of fitness we take different approaches. I’m more of the “eat healthy, workout and if you want that treat at the end of the week, go for it!” where as he’s more of the, “not eating carbs after 3pm, counting calories and no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol for every meal.” We both cook, but how do I come to terms with this new eating lifestyle that I don’t necessarily enjoy. For me counting calories and/or restricting food is a slippery slope, while for him it has no effect. I feel guilty when I eat a small scoop of ice cream or if I’m not constantly talking about weight loss or the gym. Any advice would be really helpful!


  12. I really need an answer to this question!!!!!!! So, i’m trying to lose leg fat, especially on thigh. But i see no results…. i’m don’t know why… pls helpppp 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Dear Cassey,

    I’ve been going through some really stressful events this past month, and as a result, I have not been able to keep up with my diet and exercise. I don’t know how much, but I have definitely gained weight and my body doesn’t look how it normally is. It has only been a month, so the changes aren’t too great, yet, but I’m still not happy about it.
    Is this normal? Is it okay to gain weight during stressful times? If so, how do I deal with it?



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