1. #GoodMorning yogis! This is one of my favorite classes in the 30 day challenge. Nice and gentle to work on your joints and alleviate any discomfort you might be experiencing. Enjoy and keep going!!! You’re doing awesome!

  2. Thank you for providing these great videos! I have been doing your classes since January and am now enjoying the variety of your 30 day challange. Thanks again!

  3. Liked this one but would prefer if it was slower as I needed a few more seconds in each pose due to morning stiffness lol

  4. Oh my gooooseee neckkkkk im a few days behind….#GoodMorning 💚 congrats day 20 to this AMAZING community 💚💚💚💚day 16 ✔

  5. #Good Morning – loving your daily sessions. Well explained and great pace too. Love your session for before bed too. On day 16 and feeling great thanks. Love my daily routines.

  6. #GoodMorning Thank you for sharing this. I need a lot of self-healing, especially due to the stress of COVID-19. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Namaste.

  7. Definitely #goodmorning after that! Feel so loosey goosey, going to float through the rest of my day. Once again somehow Kassandra ran a class for just what I needed, thank you 🙏🙌🌻🌷

  8. #goodmorning Happy to have cross the midway of this challenge 🙂 (PS a few days behind 😛 Good job everyone to have make it until there ^^

  9. Loving this challenge <3 Also really helping to get me through this tough, weird time. Thank you Kassandra! #GoodMorning


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