1. I love it … Ben comes in and says, “I think this is what they were doing. I am not gonna do that, but this is what we are gonna do.” Then he goes about doing 15x more in just half his time than anyone else could even imagine 🤣

  2. This looks a clear fail. It’s basically melted chocolate, lots of random crumbled / chopped chocolate bars, nuts and biscuits, sprinkled with fruit and (stupidly) candied carrots. It looks really muddled. Might have well just chucked a lot of random ingredients from the table in a blender and have done with it.

    Still, highly entertaining.

  3. I don’t know if putting bought chocolate and bought crunchies and crumbled bought biscuits on top of a pancake is worthy of a pass in a pass it on.

    That dish (tasty or not) feels like it could have been a lot more


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