• Hv u tried in kadai.. Does it become crunchy. I thought it will remain little chewy. Can u pls tell how urs was

    • @CookingShooking sir i watched ths vedio bt i m confuse bts gloripan and prestig yeast coz in some of your vedios you recomnded gloripan??? So which one should i buy gloripan or prestige???

  1. My heart broke when you never said hello mere chataroo. Hahaha just kidding. You are too good baccha. Stay blessed 🙏🙌

  2. Yaman can u plz also give information about the temp n tym it will take in grill or oven. It will be good if u will mntsn about the time and temp in other videos.

  3. Hey Yaman . Can you please give us an insight into different types of oven ? Microwave vs Otg vs convection . Which one to use when

  4. Hi, how can i get in contact with you?
    I wanted to ask about the recipe of spicy twisty which Domino’s use to serve couple of years back…


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