1. Maangchi, I just made this for my brother for a snack and he LOVES it. He always loved grilled cheese so when I saw you uploading this, I immediately grab the ingredients and started making it. Your videos are so easy to follow. I don’t even have to pause it.

  2. Maangchi, luckly l have all the ingriedients, will give a try.

    Many thanks for your effort only for us.

  3. I had this in myeongdong last year when I visited Korea and it was by far my favourite street food that I had 😍😍

  4. Hello Maangchi I want to thank you for all the videos you are uplaoding, your recipes are good.. You always inspire me to make new recipes since I’m interrested in the korean cuisine.. Even though most of the korean ingredients are not available in The Algerian 🇩🇿 groceries but I’m trying my best to make delcious plates thank you ❤

  5. I can’t watch this because it makes me want this sooo bad. I’m sad I dont live any close to an Asian/Korean Market😥

  6. Thank you so much! Thanks to you I am inspired to cook, thanks to your wonderful recipes I have made delicious and simple ! hope you will make lots of videos to teach people more delicious things! Wish you lots of health!

  7. Hello lovely koreans friends how is there about covid 19? I’m pure vegetarian so please upload more recipes of vegetarian…love from India 🇮🇳 stay bless

  8. I’ve been following you since few months. I love the way you cook. And one more thing, you look more beautiful and younger with your new hair.

  9. Maangchi is the Reason why I bought Gochuchang and Deonjang, ingredients that I’ve never heard before. Love you Maangchi MWAH!

  10. 망치님! 망치님 버전의 매콤한 소가 들어있는 메밀전 레시피도 알고싶어요! 시간 나시면 만들어주세요☆♡

  11. Really love ur cooking video a lot~ You remind me of another cooking channel called Cooking with Dog, only difference is you make great Korean dish and the other one makes great Japanese dish 😄

  12. I want to know the intro misic? Can you tell me what is that music name?? 인트로 음악 너무 궁금해요 ㅠ 맨날 들었는데 풀버전 듣고 싶네요!

  13. 오 나의 요리 여왕~~
    항상 친구의 체널에 응원하고
    여기에 나의 친구가
    항상 있기를 바란다
    그리고 친구의 축복을 바란다
    친구의 ~~체널은 언제나 발전 한다
    그리고 나는 수채화 요리를 한다


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