1. New Orleans Eggplant and Shrimp: (season all) Steam Eggplant till done. peel, mash eggplant ( like potato). In skillet, cook trinity, add eggplant, bread crumbs, add dabs butter for moisture, any other veg U like..mushrroom, etc. Than shrimp. till just lightly cooked, add egg. Add Italian cheese, grease baking dish, put all in dish, add bread crumb, few more dabs of butter, and cheese to top. put in oven 350, till light brown…

  2. Amazing channel the ONLY problem is that everything is in CUPS and SPOONS, it would be amazing to have grams and milliliters.

  3. I don’t kno how to ask you question besides here because I don’t have facebook. You’re base tomatoe sauce that is on all recipes. Can you help me make this a canning recipe? Whether with the san marzano tomatoes or fresh?

  4. Thank you for all you do ! As a new chef with a small mom and pop catering company I learned so many neat things from your channel. I appreciate you Sir.

  5. Chef John, you’re the man. Thanks for putting up these recipes and now more than ever for those of us who need motivation and ideas. My first time cooking a leg of lamb was this Easter using your pomegranate molasses recipe. Incredible.

  6. I love you Chef John! Stay healthy! My world would be crushed if you fell ill. Best wishes to you and your family.

  7. Love seeing you! You look like your voice!! Pandemonium 15 looks good on you! I’m hooked on your dough recipes! Thank you, Michelle!!

  8. At least these unusual times have taught me to make several types of bread. It’s easier than it looks it just takes a while.

  9. Chef John I would like to apologize for just making your recipes now after 10 years of viewership. All I’ve ever made is your Banana Bread and laughing to the videos but I’m eating so well now after finally cooking your recipes. <3

  10. I noticed on your entire site you only have one goose recipe, and that was with a smoked product. I would love to have another recipe for Goose from scratch. I ask because we just got goslings, and that means goose in the fall.

  11. more how to videos like the pan flipping and basic cooking skills. Love watching your videos. For some reason they help me to feel better on really stressful days. Can’t join the live chat because I am usually working during your live videos. Been a member for a while now.

  12. From London UK, ❤ your videos. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes. As always, keep safe and healthy 😂😇🙏

  13. Found a “sourdough discard” recipe page!

  14. I’ve just recently discovered this channel and really enjoying many of the recipes and Chef John’s delivery!👍🇨🇦


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