1. Made this today and it was simply delicious! Even my picky eaters loved it. And for later we’ll be eating banana bread also made from your recipe. I’m not joking when I say I’ve made about seven loafs of it. Thank you for all your easy and amazing recipes❤️❤️

  2. Je vous suis régulièrement mais pourriez-vous traduire correctement en francais les ingrédients pour cette recette, merci beaucoup.

  3. I ain’t no chef. I.dont carry sesame seed oil. Can I replace that with something else? I have other nuts in my house. Me included.

  4. Natasha, I tried this recipe together with the mashed potatoes and oh how delicious it was. Thank you dear for your kitchen inspiration. The only part of the house I don’t like is the kitchen. I prefer wack some grass….lol. but with you make cooking fun. I like your expression in the videos compared to others I looked at. I normally have time to look at these cooking videos when I am on the treadmill….lol

  5. Done cooking this for our lunch today and its very easy and delicious. We love it. I recommended this to my sister. Thank you for your recipe. More easy and amazing recipes. 😍😊😘

  6. Natasha’s who does your hair do ?
    Not my favourite Asian food.
    My favourite food is KFC Or Greek Italian pizza. Or Sri Lankan food That’s my home land .

  7. It came out perfect I loved and enjoyed supper it was delicious. I love you and all your recipes they are the best. Thank you for sharing your great recipe

  8. Natasha you are the best of cooking sorry king of cooking I love your dishes and you I am waiting to try this at home


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