1. I have pb&j toast for breakfast every morning. Sometimes I make a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich for the kids! https://eatingrichly.com/peanut-butter-jellyfish-sandwich/.

  2. I’m calling the police:
    Peanut butter in his jelly jar (same knife)
    Not using butter to grill
    Making a “pocket” and not a sandwich

    Don’t ever make a pbj again.

  3. I recommend using Alton brown recipe for peanut butter mainly because I like to use my wok and the roast is a little better.

  4. I use to make pb&j french toast style, but then crunch up so cereal, preferably frosted flakes or cap’n crunch, and cover the sandwich in it. Cook as above. Delicious.

  5. I think I somehow belong t ANOTHER dimension where Peanut Butter and a host of other inventions were the results of Black people. I’m guessing you never heard of Washington Carver????? NO???? Not in this dimension I’m guessing.

  6. Sprinkle a little finishing salt and/or something spicy like togarashi onto your snack (just peanut butter and jelly) It’ makes it pop!

  7. No way y’all changed your name from brothers green eats! Whaaaaaat someone fill me in it’s been a fat minute

  8. As someone that loves cooking I love this idea! I dont generally make my own stuff besides rarely but I like to take things and use them in different ways like with canned soups and such. With this i want to mix pb&J together to make a spread and then put that in some bread slices and then kinda follow the recipe idea from there of making it french toast. I’ve made ham and egg and cheese french toast with syrup sandwiches before with good results but never thought of using it as sandwich bread beyond that. Feeling kinda inspired! 😀

  9. Please make the pork sandwich from Xi’an Famous Foods! The traditional one looks like this http://www.xuepeifang.com/baitan/126.html

  10. Love pb&j cause of its simplicity and I really loved your idea of making it into a french toast but I found the sandwich assembly part to be underwhelming 🙁 it looked soggy and seemed to lack texture! Also, why didn’t the custard have any vanilla or a little sugar for taste? Without it, I believe it’ll taste like a fried egg pb&j.
    All in all great try. Loved how you made all the necessary ingredients tho. 🙂
    That bread looks great.
    I think for a pb&j french toast, a bread with some texture would’ve been perfect. Like sourdough.

  11. Nothing wrong with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I make them all the time but I make a extremely good sunflower seed butter and preserves grilled sandwich. I also make Brazil nut butter and preserve sandwiches. You should try making different nut Butters and making different versions of the PB&J. You know what maybe I’ll put that on my food page

  12. I love your sandwich series! If you can do the Nana’s Meatloaf Sandwich from Mekelburg’s in New York City, that would be amazing! One of the best sandwiches around.

  13. I enjoy frozen raw blueberries partially thawed while coated in powdered peanut protein (e.g. PB2 or PB Fit), cinnamon, and ginger. This isn’t a PB&J sandwich, but it gives me the core of the flavor profile with way less calories, less sugar, less fat, more protein, more fiber, etc. It’s my favorite snack to have a cup of blueberries with a tablespoon of the PB2 and a teaspoon of cinnamon plus a quarter teaspoon of ginger. Enjoy!

  14. Peanuts may have the word nut in them, but they are actually legumes like.. would almost make more sens to call them peapeas, but that sounds rather wrong .. xD

  15. gonna bring to your attention that he spread the jelly directly on the peanut butter at the beginning of the video

  16. Great video! Just a note, real challah actually may not contain butter according to Jewish law, because challah was traditionally eaten with meat and we were worried one might accidentally eat meat and dairy together, which is not permissible. Keep up the great content!

  17. Ummm sorry I couldn’t get past the first 30 seconds…What kind of animal spreads jelly directly on to the peanut butter?

  18. Immersion blender for the pectin ( did you make a slurry first?), maybe.
    pipe it in, that way you can stack it more “vertically”? Like the Goober mix inside? I’d say mix it, but that might be sacrilege.

  19. A doctor and nutritionist created cereal? Granted, I’m sure it wasn’t loaded with sugar back then, but I think it’s interesting that a doctor and nutritionist invented something that doctors and nutritionists today probably wouldn’t advise.

  20. A PBJ sandwich for grownups is what I call eating a PBJ sandwich, while I stare at the wall of my cubicle, and think about all the debt I’m in.

  21. Wrong! Perhaps there’s a PBJ for grown ups out there but this is a PBJ for hipsters, no age requirement necessary.

  22. I always apply a generous amount of crunchy PB first… then wipe the knife off on the other slice of bread (to avoid cross contamination)… proceed with a jelly dollop directly onto the peanut butter , spread and enjoy…probably the main reason I eat a PB&J is it’s simplicity…when I was younger I enjoyed Strawberry and creamy PB, now… crunchy & Grape any day…

  23. As a kid, my sister used to have me make pb&j’s for her because I liked to put extra jelly in it and she always said it was perfect. I still think I’m proud of that, lol. I’m the pb&j master! Haha

  24. Great content. Also check out George Washington carver. He found over 100 uses for the peanut 🥜


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