• I think your ideas are creative and interesting. However I don’t like that you don’t tell us what you are doing before you start. You are “burying the lead” please say, show what you are going to do, and then do it.

    • 1/ why would you glue wood on then cut it out, confusing?
      2/ You could have accomplished the same thing with two short blocks on either end preferably hard wood.
      3/ The long hole in the center should have been cut first.
      4/ Your bolt goes right through a glue joint with very little material left on each side of the hole, the washer stiffens it up somewhat but the clamping pressure is now on those short screws.
      It would be stronger if the washer with the nut behind it was on the inside. It would be pushing against the block rather than pulling away.
      5/ as you stated in your previous video…. Please evaluate the quality of my work! Leave a review this is important to me.. I did.. I asked you where you got the Bellville washer for the clamp you made and you never answered.

  1. Nice product, good craftsmanship, but why the suspense in the title and endless time it takes to show the viewer what they are looking at. Don’t waist the time of your audience. You have good things to show. Make a clear title, so people who need your invention can find you. Keep up the good work and level your communication to your skills to make your channel outstanding.

  2. 🤦‍♂️ Ради пропила в маленькой досточке, нужно изготовить такую прспособу 🤯

  3. What you do is really clever…but I have to just shut the volume off. It’s painful to listen to just listen to someone breath and slap around pieces of wood. Please, add some music or something…anything.

  4. Quality of craftsmanship is high level. I would definitely purchase your build. Very awesome stuff. Thanks for the videos.


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