1. You make that stuff look so easy! Will you be able to say what the final cost of that garage project was or is when itโ€™s completed?

    • That can vary widely depending on where you live and how you are finishing it because of material and labour cost and tax variables. To have this garage built including pad (not driveway) and finished to the point that this one will be when completed could be anywhere from 35K-55K I would guess.

    • It amazes me to see these advertisements showing garages in the $5000 price range! Itโ€™s such crap! Just looking at the bone structure of what you are building is by far a quality build! I think you hold a Master Craftsman title Shannon. ๐Ÿ‘

    • I’m really looking forward to when you do a full garage build. Love to learn about framing the walls and especially the roof…..I love the way you work man!….Cheers from Toronto

  2. Why is a floor always lowest in the center – LOL! Is there any material between the shingles and the OSB? Do the nails go through the OSB? Wish I knew how to build, I tried to build a stick horse for my grandson but the head fell off! OH WELL!!! Like your vids.

    • In this case there is a holding pit for water in the middle for snow melting off vehicles and such. There is ice and water shield and synthetic roofing underlayment under the shingles. Yes the nails go right through the OSB

  3. Looks good. I want to thank you. I sided my house all by myself last summer using what I learned in your siding videos. I must have watched them all a couple dozen times. You have a great talent for explaining. My siding turned out great thanks to your teaching.

  4. So because there couldn’t be soffit venting on one side (the one too close to the property line), was the decision made to use standard vents throughout instead of a ridge vent?

    • The lower turtle vents were used to replace the lack of soffit vents . The upper ones could have been deleted and a ridge vent used instead of the uppers.


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