1. Untouchable already goes through Spell Immunity. The status resistance reduces the duration that the slow lasts on Ursa so his attack speed returns to normal sooner.

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  3. When Rubick steals a spell there is a buff placed on him. This buff serves as a timer for the stolen spell. When Rubick dies the buff is dispelled. However if he dies before the stolen spell reaches him (as you can notice there is a projectile when he steals) the buff gets dispelled but the spell still comes to him. Hence there is no timer for the stolen spell and he can keep it forever, even if he dies, as long as he doesn’t steal another one.
    I personally don’t think it’s a bug, but rather an unwanted feature.

  4. Abaddon’s ultimate Borrow Time wont trigger on fatal damage if he is braked and slienced at the same time ?

    • Borrowed Time trigger is a passive that, unlike many other passives, is not disabled by Break. Silence doesn’t affect this trigger since it is a passive, though Silence still prevents Abaddon from manually activate Borrowed Time.

  5. If we attack abaddon on his ulti, when our damage is negative by razor, will it damage or heal abaddon?

    • During Borrowed Time all damage is converted into heal, so negative damage will respectively be converted into negative heal, which is different than damage but still reduces Abaddon’s health, however this heal won’t be able to kill him, he will be left with 1 HP at least.

  6. for Rubick myth its work before fixed, but back then when Rubick steals enemy with soul bind I can’t even drop the first spell stolen so its really quick and its annoying cuz when you want to steal the blackhole but another hero using useless skills , glad it fixed !


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