1. purge is far more lenient regarding CS and efficiency. Someone like Speeed would be screaming CONSTANTLY watching this

  2. As someone who hasn’t played dota2 since 2016 and been seeing a lot of #savedotawithmemes and wanting to get back, but you know haven’t played in four years so much has change. Watching your videos and tutorials had made me relearn a lot of stuff and learn new things as well.

  3. I’m baffled by mentality of the guys in the 3rd game. Someone disconnected and they assumed ragequit as the most probable cause. What the fuck is wrong with them?

  4. Gonna be honest, purge and Seatech, highly disappointed in your thumbnail. Finally looked at it for once and your so called “book” is a clipboard! Literally unwatchable.

  5. you are the +health of our game. Love you Purge. Always nice to watch your vids and get me back into the flo

  6. purge, cant tell you how helpful this was. more of these videos please. and for different matchups. also commentate on the picks


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