1. synderen covering his whole face with his mic

    clearly he’s using it as a mask! excellent health-conscious behavior synd! <3

  2. Thanks for an awesome year of content guys and I hope for another great year of podcasts. I really appreciate the effort that goes into these episodes.
    Still waiting for the ridiculously expensive patreon tier where if payed for syndereN has to watch the movie that i do not know how to spell.

  3. Hey guys, love the podcast. Been keeping up with all of them since TI9. Gotta say, as someone who has never even seen a match of Artifact, this discussion went into way too much detail to keep my interest (or be understandable). I like some of the high level discussion, but I’d hope hero level patch note discussion would be limited to DOTA2 exclusively. Similar to how you talked about Underlords in the past.

    Either way, keep it up and at least I can fast forward if I have to, lol.


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