1. Regarding the last question about ALL_STAR MATCH. I personally loved TI(think it was TI5) where random people from the audience were selected and each one chose his pro player to play with. I know it was 10v10 and they had to put tables with laptops on the stage, but i think it was awesome experience for the people chosen and for the audience as well.

    There would definitely be possible some tweaks to make it better, but that format where you include viewers is super fun.

  2. if you wanna watch a good anime i’d recommend something like vinland saga, or if you want a good anime movie, howls moving castle, spirited away, you, etc. there’s a lot of good stories out there if you’re open minded enough. i personally don’t care if it’s a movie, tv show, or an anime, as long as it’s a good story.

  3. Chess blew up because one of the worlds best players hikaru nakamura blew up on twitch, he’s been streaming for a bit but really blew up when he collabed with huge variety streamers like xqc.

    • Also hikaru isn’t #1 in US (except maybe in the faster time controls) but in classical chess I think he’s only top 20 these days

  4. Them talking about farming sim and it got me thinking about the great POTATO WAR. You guys should look at @technoblade vs @squidkid POTATO WAR.

  5. Synderen, if you are on lichess or chess.com, what’s your nickname ? 😀 I’m a chess fan and it would be really pleasant to play a few Blitz games against you.

  6. If you read Pugna’s bio (lore), the head piece fits the lore perfectly. Pugna went into Oblivion for years, and his disciples found him to be reincarnated, a mere 13 months of age. So Pugna is basically a child, and the head piece was meant for an adult head instead of a tiny one!


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