1. Dark Bomber is 1,500 V-Bucks. Not sure why, but it should be fixed sometime soon! Let’s see when everything was last out!

    Hayman and Stitchy – 337 DAYS AGO
    Straw Ops, Harvester, and Field Wraith – 363 DAYS AGO
    Dark Bomber set – 33 days ago
    It’s Complicated – 37 days ago
    Maven – 25 days ago
    Rainbow Rodeo – 52 days ago
    Strut – 17 days ago
    Bullseye – 29 days ago
    Steamed – 27 days ago

    That’s it for the Item Shop! Hope you all have yourselves a fantastic day or night! Talk to you all in October! 🎃

    • Are you streamer who plays with fans? Do you hate to get grief or the player? These option help you and the player base in your customs, because everyone will not always kill you or cheat? If this gets attention fortnite custom will change forever!

      Here is some options for players who have custom codes and custom matches

      Health/Shield(1,25,50,75,100 etc)
      Allow Building (Yes or No)
      Allow Shotguns(Yes or No)
      Allow SMGs(Yes or No)
      Allow LMGs(Yes or No)
      Allow Friendly Fire(Yes,No)
      Allow Assaults Rifles(Yes,No)
      Allow Killing(Yes or No)
      Allow Fishing(Yes or No)
      Allow Reboot Vans(yes or no)
      Storm Circle[On or Off]
      Storm Surge(On or Off)
      Game Modes(Ltm)
      (Note:there’s more that can be added)

  2. I got banned from fortnite for a month but I’m getting 13000 vbucks in return the bad thing is I don’t know about updates


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