1. Thanks for using code ITalkFortnite! Let’s see when everything was last out!

    Spider Knight set – 36 days ago
    Captain America set – 3rd Day
    Deo set – 36 days ago
    Castaway Jonesy – 30 days ago
    Kalia – 30 days ago
    Plastic Patroller set – 33 days ago
    Safari – 26 days ago
    Arcade Kid – NEW
    Howl – 59 days ago
    Jubilation – 26 days ago
    Raise The Roof – 22 days ago
    Brute Gunner – 30 days ago

    Yeah not the most exciting shop to say the least, but I wouldn’t worry. I’m expecting some better shops in the near future. Hope you all have yourselves a fantastic day or night! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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