1. THANK YOU for everyone that uses code ITalkFortnite! I appreciate you! If you want to see the NEW X-Force things we got this morning, check this video out: https://youtu.be/sol3dB5ZoMI

    Siren set – NEW
    Wolf set – NEW
    Zero set – 31 days ago
    Crazyboy – NEW
    Doublecross – 14 days ago
    Recon Ranger – 29 days ago
    Peely Pick – 23 days ago
    Island Vibes – 25 days ago
    Cap Kick – 31 days ago
    Deadpool set – 7 days ago

    This shop is absolutely nuts. Hope you all have yourselves an amazing day or night! Talk to you all tomorrow!

    • I Talk Fortnite can you gift me plz i have today beginning to play fortnite i want psylocke and her pickaxe . My username is true_striker01. Hopefully i can get 😢🤞

    • Hey i talk fortnite i really really want the domino or wolf skin and right now im not able too. And I’ve been a fan for a very long time. If you decide to gift me the domino or wolf skin my epic is Gabeさ. Im going to send you a friend request. And if you don’t wanna gift maybe Maybe we could play together 😁

  2. I wish they would bring back more skins that were out in the last chapter because they had more style to them than the new chapter skins. Don’t get me wrong these item shops are great but I wish they would bring the older skins back.

  3. hi bro i daily watch your vidoes . I also use your code in iteam shop since 5 months . bro i need one favour from you can gift me siren skin plzzz in our country shops are closed so cant get dollar card . so if you gift that skin to me will give the 1200 vbuck when the shop will open . i will be very thank ful to you if you gift . love you

  4. Can you plz gift me the assault trooper my name is Hammond5104 I like your videos so much thank you for all the cool videos you have made


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