1. Hey jerry the ferox it the artic bioems new creture note: you can give them element to turn them more crazy just a tip have a good day your the best

  2. Hey jerome just so you know you can cryopod the turtle it’s just you need to be really close to it and hold it there for 10 to 15 seconds and know body can be riding it at the time and dropsy was

  3. The special for the ice biome is the ferox I think, he’s like a cute tiny dude and then you feed him element and he becomes SWOLE.

  4. People find tortoises in there backyard and they think it’s a turtle so they throw it in water and it drowns

  5. Matt turtles can leave water a few years back I had a friend who had a couple of turtles and he found them on land so your wrong about that one


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