1. fix your game I started playing a week before tomato town got named that days were good and about season 7 time you have killed your own game

  2. Support a creators of forrnite: nooooo u cant just put skill based matchmaking and make me vs sweaty tryhardsss!!!
    Forrnite: hahaha grenade go boom boom

  3. I hate scrolling through the comments cause it’s just a bunch of redditors saying Fortnite bad Minecraft good every time

  4. Hey epic games you have made these hard times better by making it so I can talk to my friends and can I have the skin dark bomber and back bling and og peely.

  5. Epic imagine being so tight that you ban jarvis forever then bans 2 cheaters in a comp for 2 weeks it’s just stupid please unban jarvis

  6. Bring back season x and all the packs and the battle pass and challenge and the scientist skin please i beg you i have money for it and i bought the battle pass my user name is bro-ffessor_

  7. hey, epic I have an idea with a crossover with doctor who. the lamas will be k-9, the supply drops can be the TARDIS, then the skin can be the doctor with selectable styles that is every doctor then the back bling can be the cybermen and the daleks head, then the pickaxe can be the sonic, then the music can be the theme for doctor who, then the glider can be the time vortex, then there will be a bundle that has everything for 2,800 v-bucks or 25 dollars but you can not get anything separate. then for the challenges, there will be 4 challenges that will be: find the doctors tardis, outlast 200 opponents, find a cybermans arm, find the doctors sonic to get a loading screen of the 11th doctor screaming to all the enemies in the episode: pandora’s box. if you add it let me know.

  8. If u guys don’t get rid of skill based I’m literally gonna quit I don’t know why I’m getting with people way better then me when it’s skill based such a stupid game

  9. fortnite kinda dying please fix the game and make it better. We all know youe billionares but please make the game better please

  10. Please bring the fortnite to lenovo, everything is enough, but the device does not support, says lenovo come to tablet and telofon please

  11. Support a creators of forrnite: nooooo u cant just put skill based matchmaking and make me vs sweaty tryhardsss!!! Forrnite: hahaha grenade go boom boom

  12. You know what Fortnite should do for either Christmas or the games birthday they should give everyone or everyone who does the challenges a extra refund ticket or another 3 it would be really great

  13. I am mobile player my dad gave me his credit card and let me spend 5 dollars on a deal but I never got the deal or skin

  14. Fortnite should remove building for a little while and see how it goes. Then slowly nerf building until people don’t build often but don’t completely remove it from the game because then people will say that they want it back and leave the game

  15. All I want is edit mode aim assist back🤬 I can’t play the game how I want to on either expo or linear, please can we all start a debate on Twitter and get EDIT MODE AIM ASSIST BACK?

  16. Epic games im fortnite s fan but I dont have much skins or annything. Can you PLEASE gift me the astro Jack skin. My epic name is lucky writer 2



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